What Are Predictive Dialers


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Are you still deciding whether Predictive Dialer should be implemented?

Some Call Center’s think that having Predictive Dialer Software is not as productive as having a call center representative in the office making the manual calls. While others companies just simply cannot understand the nitty-gritty of the entire process.

Let us highlight a few advantages of using predictive dialers. This will help those companies who are in two minds or are not really aware to take a correct decision about implementing predictive dialers. Here are some benefits of predictive dialer software.

Drastically increase sales:

Predictive dialers are highly effective when it comes to making sales or collection calls. They are shown to deliver dramatic results when phone utilization is a primary concern. Some studies have reveal that predictive dialers can significantly improve agent productivity. This can increase by as much as 400%. Some tests on predictive dialers have shown  successfully that agent utilization has increased from 40 minutes per hour to 57 minutes per hour. You will reach out to live contacts with only 12% of calls you dial if calls are made to consumers at home during the permitted times for unsolicited telemarketing (9 AM to 9PM).

Non-productive calls are screened thoroughly:

Agent normally have to handle non-productive calls (No Answers, Busy Signals, out of office Numbers and (optionally) answering Machines) if there are no predictive dialers. With predictive dialer software agents no longer have to wait for that “opportunity” that someone will respond the call. An agent is put on conversation with a live contact within thirty seconds of getting free.

User friendly yet High-Tech:

They are user friendly, easy to use and scalable. This makes them worth the money spent on them. Agent learn how to operate the software easily and can operate it from there desktop. Information entered by agents is very easily available for review by a manager or a supervisor. The software organizes all activities of agents automatically and easily. Whenever call is due scheduled callbacks are presented to the agent. Software manages completed calls with an easy to use “disposition” entry which is a natural part of ending the conversation. Agents do not have to maintain endless notes, post-its and scraps of paper to keep a track on prospect information. Those days will be gone.

With so many benefits it is really worth using predictive dialers. Here is a company which deals in predictive dialer software http://www.teckinfo.com

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